(n): the branch of medicine concerned with the uses, effects, and modes of action of drugs

We help move your program forward

Xyzagen focuses on select mouse and rat neurology, pain and safety pharmacology models designed to help companies move their early discovery assets forward through focused screening paradigms that can be used to generate useful data for IND candidate selection either as stand-alone studies or in combination with its pharmacokinetic services for PK/PD modeling, or exposure-response comparison.

Xyzagen can also collect blood and tissues for assessment of clinical chemistry/hematology endpoints and histology or immunohistochemistry and our pharmacology models can be integrated into our First-in-Rodent™ PK studies.

We also collaborate with other CROs and Academic Labs in Ophthalmology, Pain and Neurology and thus can manage the design and oversight of your pharmacology program.

Our consultants provide nonclinical CRO vendor qualification, study monitoring and oversight for your nonclinical program.

Intravenous: infusion/bolus

Blood, plasma, serum
Multiple tissues (brain, liver, spleen…)
CSF, CVF, and Bile via cannulation

Current mouse & rat pharmacology models

These models can be designed with blood collection for assessment of drug exposure. Click on the title to learn more.

  • Irwin Test
  • Functional observational battery
  • Rotarod Tests (Fixed and Increasing Speed)


  • Maximal Electroshock Test
  • Electroconvulsive Threshold Test


  • Pentylenetetrazol seizures test
  • Bicuculline
  • Strychnine
  • Picrotoxin
  • Dichlorvos
  • Hot plate
  • Modified hot plate
  • Cold-induced hyperalgesia
  • Acetic acid writhing
  • Bennett Model
  • Chung Model
  • Capsaicin paw
  • Formalin paw (early phase)
  • Formalin paw (late phase)
  • Carrageenan-induced acute inflammatory pain (reversal & prevention protocol)
  • Complete Freund Adjuvant (CFA) – induced acute inflammatory pain
  • Barbital or ethanol interaction tests
  • IBS Model and Acetylcholine Writhing Assay
  • 6-Hz Psychomotor Test
  • Vincristine Chemotherapy Model
  • CFA – induced chronic inflammatory pain: monoarthritis model
  • Diabetic Neuropathy: Streptozotocin Insulin-Depleted Rat Model
  • EAE Model of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Zymosan- A Induced Acute Peritonitis Model
  • Cortical Spreading Migraine Model