Xyzagen’s founder and Principal Consultant, Christopher Crean, featured on the cover article for Pharmatech Outlook Bioanalytical Services Edition, November 2020

Powering The Evolving Drug Discovery Landscape

The pharmaceutical drug discovery industry is evolving. Innovations in the sector are more and more powered by seed, NIH, and VC-funded companies that are either spun out of academic institutions or are being incubated by venture capital firms based on licensed technology or public-private partnerships. In parallel, a wave of mergers and acquisitions is happening on the scientific operations and process side of pharmaceutical research due to the stability and growth of pharmaceutical outsourcing. CROs have been aggregating and thus expanding their service areas to be more of a single source provider within either testing, regulatory, or manufacturing. This narrowing field of nonclinical, clinical, bioanalytical, and manufacturing CROs that provide full support to large pharma are also looking to support the smaller innovators with their breadth of capabilities. These organizations are not just located within the US, and thus this reordering of “who does what” has also led to the expanded importance of individual consultants with scientific discipline expertise within the industry and the growing role of consultancy organizations that support early innovators navigating the changing regulatory and CRO landscape while also quickly advancing their client’s research program…..

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